WoodMe supports the Global Climate Institute

We supports the Global Climate Institute replanting of the rain forest in Pontal do Paranapenema, Western Sao Paolo State.

The Brazilian Atlantic Forest has one of the largest biodiversities in the world. The rain forest is threatened from mankind, since 70% of the inhabitants of Brazil live in this area which was once covered by lush rain forest. Only 7% of the rain forest remains today, and in Pontal do Paranapanema the remaining percentage is an alarming 3%.

This project is about replanting the wooded areas as a benefit for the global climate. Rebuilding the forests will also have a crucial effect on the biodiversity of our planet. Establishing a corridor between Morro do Diablo State Park and Iguacu National Park is also part of the project.


GPS: 22.29.134S/52.34.115W. Pontal do Paranapanema. Western Sao Paolo State – Brasilien.

Total number of trees donated by WoodMe since 2017: 1250 trees.

Carbon benefit:

In Pontal do Paranapanema the total ”above-ground” biomass is an estimated average of 317,24 tons of Carbon per acre over a period of 30 years.

Why Pontal do Paranapanema?

Once the rain forest spread over 130 million acres of the Southeast corner of Brazil. Now it has been reduced to mere fragments with some of them no larger than 50 acres. In Ponta do Paranapanema this number has been reduced to an alarming 3%. Despite the massive reduction, the rain forest is still rich in biodiversity and has a great potential when it comes to Carbon binding. This is every reason to continue working for conservation and increasing of the rain forest area.

Wood species planted

The wood species planted are native sorts and consist mainly of:

  • Acacia polyphylla
  • Anadenanthera spp
  • Cedrela fissilis
  • Colubrina glandulosa
  • Cordia trichotoma
  • Enterolobium contortisiliquum
  • Guazuma ulmifolia
  • Inga laurina
  • Inga uruguensis
  • Jacaranda cuspidifolia
  • Peltophorum dubium
  • Tabebuia spp

Benefits for the local community:

  • Increased Carbon binding
  • Reestablishment of native forest areas
  • Soil protection
  • Improvement and expansion of biodiversity
  • Extensive communityengagement and increased social welfare
  • Expansion of habitats and conservation of endangered species

The project in Pontal do Paranapanema a cooperation between GCI – Global Climate Institute and WeForest.